DuckDuckgo Partners with OpenAI: What it Means and How DuckAssist Can Help You


As Microsoft and Google continue to focus on artificial intelligence, DuckDuckgo is not far behind. In fact, the search engine giant is partnering with OpenAI and Antropic to enhance its instant response functionality.

Although not every search result will display “DuckAssist,” when it does appear, the tool will draw from sources such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica to provide natural language responses to your queries.

Think of DuckAssist as a “camel-ostrich” of artificial intelligence. To reduce the likelihood of errors, DuckDuckgo has limited the functionality of DuckAssist. If you see a magic wand icon, it means DuckAssist can summarize information for you, allowing you to click with ease.

Initially, the feature will only be available on the DuckDuckgo app or browser extension, as the company wants to gather feedback before expanding its availability in the coming weeks and allowing the DuckAssist model to learn from additional sources.

For those concerned about privacy, DuckDuckgo notes that no authentication is required to use DuckAssist, and the company assures users that none of their personal information will be shared with OpenAI and Antropic. In other words, DuckAssist searches will not be used to train artificial intelligence models.

“This is the first in a series of generative AI-assisted features, and we hope to roll out more in the coming months,” said Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckgo.

Users can expect more AI-enhanced features from DuckDuckgo in the future. “We wanted DuckAssist to be the first because we believe it can immediately help users find answers to what they’re looking for in less time,” added Weinberg.

In conclusion, DuckDuckgo’s partnership with OpenAI and Antropic for DuckAssist signifies the search engine’s dedication to improving user experience through artificial intelligence. With more AI-assisted features on the horizon, DuckDuckgo is paving the way for a smarter, more efficient search experience.

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