WhatsApp comes with new features: what iPhone users need to know from now on


The WhatsApp application is known to be one of the most widely used instant messaging platforms globally. Therefore, it periodically receives new features. Find out what you will be able to do from now on within the application if you own an iPhone.

New features have been announced by WhatsApp, but only for iPhone users. Users of the application will be able to easily extract certain texts, but they will also be able to enjoy a new voice status, if they want to be faster in the technology era.

The first of the two features announced by the company is easy if an image contains clear and visible text. Thus, when a user of the application receives an image that also contains a text message, they will be able to automatically extract the text just by tapping the image that will open on the full screen.

Later, they will need to use the selector to choose whether they want the entire text or just part of it. After the desired text has been selected, the user will have several options available, namely copy, select all, search, and translate.

If the first feature seems to be extremely useful, especially in the case of those who use texts from images, the second feature available to iPhone owners will allow them to set voice messages as status updates. Thus, those on their list can listen to the respective message intended for them.

Therefore, users will only need to tap the microphone icon on the status screen. However, be aware that voice messages can only remain posted as status updates if they have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. This new feature allows users to add more personalized updates, especially in the case of those who express themselves better verbally.

Some iPhone owners can already enjoy the new updates within WhatsApp, receiving the two new features with the update to version 23.5.75, while others have benefited from them with version 23.5.77. The two new features are only available to iPhone users with iOS 16 and are not expected to be available to Android users in the future, according to FinancialExpress.com.

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