Getting Married? Beauty Preparations You Need to Make


Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now that the exciting news has settled in, it’s time to start planning your dream wedding. But before you dive into selecting the perfect venue, dress, and decor, it’s important to prioritize your beauty preparations. After all, you want to look and feel your best on your big day. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about wedding beauty preparations, from hair and makeup to emergency beauty bags.

Planning Your Wedding Beauty Preparations

When it comes to your wedding day, your beauty preparations are just as important as all the other details. Begin by deciding how you want your hair and makeup to look. If you’re planning to have your bridesmaids’ hair match yours, consider scheduling a trial run at a beauty or hair salon. A beauty consultant can also provide valuable guidance on finding the perfect look for you.

Scheduling Your Beauty Appointments

Once you have an idea of your desired hair and makeup styles, it’s time to book your beauty appointments. If you’re getting married during peak wedding season, it’s important to book your salon appointments as soon as possible. Many salons can only accommodate one wedding party at a time, so you don’t want to risk missing out on your preferred salon. In addition to hair styling, consider scheduling appointments for professional makeup application and nail services.

Creating an Emergency Beauty Bag

Even with the best planning, unexpected events can happen on your wedding day. To prepare for any beauty emergencies, create an emergency beauty bag. This bag should include items like makeup, deodorant, hand lotion, hairspray or hair gel, a brush, a comb, extra bobby pins, a small sewing kit, and emergency stain removing chemicals. Your maid of honor can be responsible for assembling this bag, but it’s a good idea to double-check that everything is included.

Other Beauty Preparations to Consider

In addition to hair and makeup, there are other beauty preparations to consider. For example, you may want to schedule a facial or other spa treatments in the weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure your skin is glowing. You may also want to consider teeth whitening or other dental procedures to enhance your smile. And don’t forget about your overall health and wellness – make sure you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating nutritious foods to look and feel your best.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look and feel your best. By prioritizing your beauty preparations, you can ensure that you’re ready for anything that comes your way. From hair and makeup to emergency beauty bags, there are many aspects to consider. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner or consult a wedding planning guide to ensure you’re covering all your bases. With the right preparations, you’ll be ready to say “I do” with confidence and style.


  1. What are some important beauty preparations to make before my wedding?
    Some important beauty preparations include deciding on your hair and makeup, planning your bridesmaids’ hair, making appointments for beauty services in advance, and creating an emergency beauty bag.
  2. When should I make appointments for my wedding day beauty services?
    If your wedding is during “wedding season,” it’s best to make appointments as soon as possible. Smaller salons can only handle one wedding party at a time.
  3. What should I include in my emergency beauty bag?
    Some essential items to include in your emergency beauty bag are makeup, deodorant, hand lotion, hairspray or hair gel, a brush and comb, extra bobby pins, a small sewing kit, and emergency stain removing chemicals.
  4. What if I’m having trouble planning my hair and makeup?
    Consider hiring a beauty consultant or making “testing” appointments at your local beauty or hair salon for expert advice and guidance.
  5. Should I consider hiring a professional wedding planner?
    With so many preparations and arrangements to make, hiring a professional wedding planner can be a great way to ensure that everything goes smoothly on your big day. Alternatively, you can buy a wedding planning guide that includes a detailed checklist to help you stay organized.


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