How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown. Tips and Tricks

how to get wrinkles out of a graduation gown

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown. Graduation day is finally here! After years of hard work and dedication, it’s time to walk across that stage and get your diploma. But nothing can ruin that special moment faster than walking across the stage in a wrinkled graduation gown. With all the excitement leading up to graduation, it’s easy to forget small but important details like properly ironing your academic robes. Don’t worry – with some simple techniques, you can get the wrinkles out of your graduation gown and look flawless on your big day.

Why It’s Important to Remove Wrinkles from Graduation Attire

Wearing wrinkled robes on graduation day can give off the wrong impression. Wrinkled attire that looks hastily thrown together can suggest you don’t take the ceremony seriously. Properly pressed and crisp graduation garb shows respect for the institution and the important rite of passage that graduation represents. Looking polished and put together reflects the hard work you put into your academic career. Taking the time to remove wrinkles from your graduation outfit shows pride in your achievement and attention to an important detail on a memorable day.

When to Remove Wrinkles from Graduation Robes

It’s best to remove wrinkles from your graduation outfit as close to the ceremony as possible. Robes that are stored folded or hanging for long periods of time before the big event are prone to serious wrinkling issues. If possible, try to steam or iron your graduation garb no more than 12 hours before lining up for the processional. For really stubborn wrinkles, you may need to treat the fabric and iron again just before donning your outfit. Leaving wrinkle removal to the last minute avoids re-wrinkling the fabric as you transport your gown to campus and get ready behind the scenes.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown

The techniques for wrinkle removal depend largely on the fabric of your specific graduation robe. Traditional graduation gowns are most often made from materials like cotton, polyester, velvet, or blends. Here are some tips for wrinkle removal based on common graduation gown fabrics:


Cotton graduation gowns are lightweight and breathable but prone to wrinkles. To tackle wrinkles:

  • Hang the gown in the bathroom while you shower to release wrinkles from the steam.
  • Iron on the highest heat setting recommended for cotton. Use the spray starch function if your iron has it.
  • Roll up the gown and store it in a garment bag until it’s time to put it on.


This synthetic fabric resists wrinkles but can still get rumpled during storage and transport. For polyester:

  • Use the steam setting on your iron, which relaxes wrinkles without risking scorch marks.
  • If needed, use a touch of fabric starch or fabric softener while ironing to help smooth creases.
  • Hang the gown properly on a sturdy hanger immediately after ironing.


The plush pile of velvet graduation robes means they show every wrinkle. Bust out the steamer for best results:

  • Hang the gown and run a garment steamer over the entire thing.
  • For stubborn creases, use a press cloth and gently iron on low heat until wrinkles release.
  • Stuff the gown with tissue paper or crumpled newsprint before hanging to keep wrinkles from settling back in.


Graduation gowns are often made from blended fabrics like poly-cotton. Make sure you know the blend before attempting to remove wrinkles.

  • Read fabric care tags closely and follow garment steamer or iron temperature settings for the most delicate fabric in the blend.
  • Use light misting and avoid over-saturating blended fabrics so weaker fibers don’t warp or shrink.
  • Allow extra lead time in case blended fabrics need touched up again after initial steaming/ironing.

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown.

Wrinkle Removal Methods and Tools

Having the right tools for the job makes it much easier to get the wrinkles out of a graduation gown. Here are some go-to methods and tools:

  • Garment steamer – Great for delicate fabrics, velvet, and heavy wrinkling. Provides penetrating steam to relax fibers.
  • Iron – Optimal for cottons and polyester. Make sure to select appropriate heat settings. Use spray starch if needed.
  • Press cloth – Placed over gown when ironing, prevents shine and flattens seams. A must for velvet.
  • Shower steam – Hang your gown in the bathroom while you shower for an impromptu steam treatment.
  • Fabric softener – Add a small amount to the iron’s water reservoir or mix with spray bottle of water for extra wrinkle-fighting power.
  • Vinegar – As a natural fabric softener, diluted white vinegar helps release wrinkles when sprayed lightly.
  • Rolling – For transport, tightly roll your gown lengthwise rather than folding to avoid deep creases.

Graduation Gown Wrinkle Removal Tips and Tricks

Follow these handy tips and tricks for getting the wrinkles out of your graduation outfit:

  • Read and follow all fabric care labels – this prevents damage!
  • Know your fabrics and have appropriate tools for each type on hand.
  • Treat stained or wrinkled areas individually before doing the full gown.
  • Use light misting and avoid over-wetting, which worsens wrinkling.
  • Only iron or steam fabric edges and seams, not large panels which can lose shape.
  • Use a wooden hanger and padded garment bag to transport gowns.
  • Bring your gown to the ceremony very carefully folded or on a hanger.
  • Schedule steam/iron sessions into your timeline well ahead of photos and processional.
  • Have a fabric steamer, iron, and press cloth on standby at the graduation venue if needed.

Common Graduation Gown Wrinkle Problems and Solutions

Despite your best efforts, some pesky wrinkles may still pop up on your graduation ensemble. Here are some common problems and quick fixes:

Collar Creases: Rub both sides of the collar seam with your fingers to relax the crease, then use steam or a press cloth and gently iron.

Cuffs Curled Under: Tug the cuff down flat, hold for a few seconds, then lightly steam or iron with press cloth.

Hem Hike Up: Tack down the hem temporarily with just a stitch or two if time allows. Otherwise stash weights like washers in the hem.

Shoulder Wrinkles: Pad the hanger and make sure gown hangs evenly before steaming/ironing out wrinkles.

Deep Center Crease: Roll up lengthwise and transport in a garment bag, then use penetrating steam.

Cap Wrinkles or Dents: Stuff with tissue to fill out shape as needed. Spot treat wrinkles by steaming crown and loosening mortarboard.

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown

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Maintain that Crisp, Wrinkle-Free Look

Congratulations, graduate – you’ve succeeded in getting the wrinkles out of your graduation gown! Now keep that sucker looking sharp by:

  • Hanging and transporting your gown very carefully.
  • Keeping your gown in a garment bag when not wearing it.
  • Retreating any new wrinkles ASAP with steam or iron.
  • Doing impromptu spot checks and touch ups.
  • Changing out of your graduation outfit with care.

With some strategic planning and preparation, you can keep your graduation gown looking fabulous all day long. Enjoy your time in the spotlight – you’ve earned it!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Graduation Gown. A wrinkled graduation gown can put a damper on your special day. With some forethought and strategic garment care, you can keep your outfit looking pressed and pristine as you walk across that stage to accept your diploma. Finding time for a steam or iron session the day before and again the day of graduation ensures you’ll look polished from all angles – because you’ll be making memories to last a lifetime! By mastering graduation outfit wrinkle removal and having emergency tools on hand, you can relax and fully enjoy this momentous event knowing you look your best.


1. How soon before graduation should I remove the wrinkles from my gown?
Ideally, steam or iron your gown 12 hours or less before lining up for the processional. Any earlier risks re-wrinkling the fabric.

2. What’s the quickest way to get wrinkles out of a graduation gown?
For last-minute wrinkles, a portable garment steamer is the quickest and easiest route to looking sharp.

3. Where should I store my gown to avoid new wrinkles before graduation?
Roll your gown tightly lengthwise and store in a garment bag until it’s go time. Hanging can cause shoulder creases.

4. What should I do if my gown gets wrinkled on the way to graduation?
Pack a mini steamer, small iron, and press cloth to tackle any new wrinkles right at the ceremony location.

5. Can I wash my graduation gown to remove wrinkles?
No! Dry clean only. Washing can damage, shrink, or discolor the fabric. Follow the garment care label directions.

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