The Departed (2006) Crime-Thriller movie (Official Trailer)

The Departed (2006)

Released in 2006, “The Departed” is a crime-thriller movie directed by Martin Scorsese. The film is a remake of the Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs” and features an ensemble cast of A-list actors, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, and Mark Wahlberg. The movie tells the story of two moles, one in the Massachusetts State Police and the other in the Irish-American criminal organization, who are tasked with uncovering each other’s identities while trying to stay alive.

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The Departed explores themes of identity, loyalty, betrayal, and morality. The movie portrays how individuals’ choices and actions are influenced by their environment and upbringing. The film also highlights how corruption can be deeply entrenched in law enforcement and organized crime, making it difficult for individuals to remain true to their principles.

One of the key themes in The Departed is the question of identity. The main characters in the film, Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), are both struggling with their sense of self. Billy is an undercover cop, who has to balance his loyalty to the police force with his duty to maintain his cover in the criminal organization. Colin, on the other hand, is a mole in the police department, whose loyalties lie with the Irish mob. As the two men play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, their true identities become blurred, and they both struggle to maintain their cover.

The movie also explores the theme of loyalty, particularly to one’s family and community. The characters in the film are all deeply connected to their Irish heritage and culture, and this plays a significant role in their actions and motivations. Additionally, the movie portrays how loyalty can be used as a tool to manipulate individuals, as seen in the character of Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson).


The Departed features an impressive ensemble cast, with each actor delivering a memorable performance. The lead actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, are both outstanding in their roles as moles trying to outsmart each other.

DiCaprio’s character, Billy Costigan, is a deeply flawed character, haunted by his past and struggling to maintain his cover. He is a sympathetic character, and the audience roots for him to succeed in his mission. On the other hand, Damon’s character, Colin Sullivan, is a manipulative and ruthless character, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his cover.

The supporting cast also delivers exceptional performances, with Jack Nicholson stealing the show as Frank Costello, the leader of the Irish mob. Mark Wahlberg is also outstanding in his role as Sergeant Dignam, a foul-mouthed cop who provides some comic relief in the movie.


The Departed was a critical and commercial success, winning four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Editing. The movie’s success cemented Scorsese’s position as one of the greatest directors of all time and proved that the crime genre still had a place in Hollywood.

The movie also had a significant impact on popular culture, with several references and homages appearing in other movies and TV shows. The movie’s iconic line, “I’m the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy,” has become a popular meme on social media.


In conclusion, The Departed is a masterpiece of the crime-thriller genre, featuring exceptional performances, a well-crafted script, and masterful direction from Martin Scorsese. The movie explores complex themes of identity, loyalty, and morality, while also delivering heart-pumping action and suspense. The Departed is a timeless classic and a must-watch for any fan of the crime-thriller genre.

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