The Intouchables (2011) (Official Trailer)

The Intouchables (2011) (Official Trailer)

The Intouchables is a French comedy-drama film directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, released in 2011. The film is based on a true story and is a heartwarming and poignant tale of friendship and humanity. The film follows the life of Philippe, a wealthy quadriplegic who hires Driss, a young Senegalese man from the projects, to be his caregiver. The film explores themes of race, class, and friendship, and has been widely acclaimed for its excellent performances, writing, and direction.

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One of the primary themes of The Intouchables is the idea that people from different backgrounds and cultures can form meaningful and transformative relationships. The film explores the relationship between Philippe and Driss, two men from vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds. Philippe is a wealthy, cultured, and refined man, while Driss is a rough and tumble, street-smart man from the projects. Despite their differences, the two men form a deep bond that transforms both of their lives.

Another important theme of the film is the idea of social mobility and the challenges faced by those living in poverty. Driss is initially hesitant to take the job as Philippe’s caregiver, but he is quickly drawn in by the opportunity to make money and escape the poverty of his upbringing. The film explores the challenges that people from disadvantaged backgrounds face in achieving success and the ways in which class and race can limit opportunities.


The Intouchables is a character-driven film that relies heavily on the performances of its two leads, François Cluzet as Philippe and Omar Sy as Driss. Cluzet gives a nuanced and powerful performance as Philippe, portraying the complexities of a man who has lost his physical abilities but not his intelligence or humor. Sy, meanwhile, gives a breakout performance as Driss, capturing both the humor and the pathos of a man struggling to find his place in the world.

In addition to the two leads, the film features a strong supporting cast, including Anne Le Ny as Yvonne, Philippe’s assistant, and Audrey Fleurot as Magalie, Driss’s love interest. The characters in the film are well-developed and multidimensional, with each actor bringing their unique talents to the screen.


The Intouchables has had a lasting impact on both French and international cinema. The film was a commercial and critical success, grossing over $426 million worldwide and winning numerous awards, including the César Award for Best Actor for Omar Sy. The film has been praised for its positive representation of disability and its exploration of themes of race and class.

The success of The Intouchables also led to a Hollywood remake, titled The Upside, starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. While the remake was not as critically acclaimed as the original, it speaks to the lasting impact of the film and its appeal to audiences worldwide.


In conclusion, The Intouchables is a beautiful and moving film that explores themes of friendship, class, and race. The performances of François Cluzet and Omar Sy are exceptional, and the film has had a lasting impact on both French and international cinema. The film’s message of the transformative power of human connection is both universal and timeless, and its legacy will continue to inspire audiences for years to come.

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