Chrome takes a step forward on macOS: What improvements are happening and how they help

Chrome Browser

Google is taking another step forward by continuing to optimize energy consumption in its own browser, Chrome, as you will learn below.

Specifically, the good news is that Chrome will now bring improvements to macOS, so users in this case will also be able to enjoy energy optimization. According to the manufacturer, this could lead to increased autonomy on Apple laptops.

What does this improvement from Chrome bring for Apple laptops? Tests conducted so far have shown that the MacBook Pro 13 now lasts for 17 hours of internet browsing and 18 hours of watching videos on YouTube. These tests were conducted immediately after Google’s most recent optimization of Chrome.

However, Google did not provide too much information about these improvements, so we do not technically have a comparison term, but it is estimated that an upgrade of about 30 minutes has occurred.

From what is known, Google has worked intensively to improve the memory of iframes and, in addition, JavaScript timers, avoiding frequent use of the processor for basic tasks, in context.

Google also tends to gracefully ignore certain graphic styles that are considered useless, both in terms of the websites visited and its own interface.

It is worth noting that Google has recently made significant changes to energy consumption in Chrome used on Android, Windows, and Linux.

Therefore, it seems that Google is doing everything possible to return to the top with its browser, which can only be a good thing, as competition has always led to progress that has been best seen on the user side.

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